NBA Trades: Warriors land star in huge proposed deal with Grizzlies and Jazz

The Golden State Warriors are still trying to retool around Steph Curry and this potential deal with the Grizzlies and Jazz would make them contenders again.
New Orleans Pelicans v Golden State Warriors
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NBA Trades: Would the Grizzlies accept this deal?

It is no secret that Memphis has been looking for a center to pair next to Jaren Jackson, allowing him to move to his natural power forward spot and give them more size in the paint. Adding one of the better rim protectors in the league in Kessler fits the bill and makes them more stout defensively.

Kessler averaged eight points, eight rebounds, and two blocks per game in 64 games of action this season. He is an efficient offensive player who does most of his work around the rim, but where his true value comes from is the defensive end of the floor.

Kessler was near the top of the league in contested twos per game (8.6), contested shots per game (10.4) , and total contested shots (668) on the season. Kessler also had a block percentage of 9.2 percent, ranking second behind Victor Wembenyama in that category. Jackson was eighth in that category, so pairing him with Kessler would make the Grizzlies’ defense lethal at protecting the rim.

Kessler could step right into the starting role, allowing Edey to come off the bench and develop slowly. Yes, he was the ninth pick in the draft, but with the Grizz having an eye towards the playoffs with the return of Ja Morant, Desmond Bane, and others, having a smaller role would be more beneficial for Edey. Two first rounders is a hefty price, but that would likely be what Utah asks for and they need to be enticed to part ways with their young center.