NBA Trades: These 4 offseason moves could transform the Lakers

Anthony Davis, LeBron James
Anthony Davis, LeBron James / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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1) Scour free agency for value signings, like potentially Chris Paul

Last but not least, the Lakers could scour free agency for value deals. One potential option could be future Hall of Famer Chris Paul. Paul has a team option for $30 million for next season and the Golden State Warriors may opt to move him this summer in the hopes of using his contract to trade for a star.

Were that to happen, the Lakers could be an unforeseen winner. Paul would potentially be bought out by the team that acquires him and the Lakers could be the ideal landing spot for him. After all, he would be able to close out his career by playing with two other future Hall of Famers.

Not only that, but it would actually be ironic considering that he was nearly traded to the Lakers in 2011, more than a dozen years ago. The fact that he is still playing is impressive, to say the least, and he has already stated that he plans to come back for what will be his 20th season in the NBA.

He is still searching for an elusive championship, and while the Lakers don't look much like contenders after getting smoked again by the Nuggets, they may soon be, and he would be a great addition on the cheap.