NBA Trades: Spurs land Wembanyama co-star in bold proposed deal with Hawks and Bulls 

Victor Wembanyama
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NBA Trades: Would the Chicago Bulls agree to the deal?

With the Bulls battling for the play-in tournament for a second straight season, they may look to make big changes this summer to either bottom out or retool. This trade could help them do either by acquiring a starting three-and-d wing in Hunter, a prospect, and a trade exception.

Considering that they would get a starter without having to give up any draft picks and would get off of Ball's contract, this could be the perfect opportunity for them to reset. In this scenario, the Bulls may opt to let star DeMar DeRozan leave in free agency this summer, with Hunter serving as a younger replacement on the perimeter.

They may also seek to trade star Zach LaVine in the offseason, which could allow them to gain more flexibility by offloading the $178 million owed to him over the next three seasons. This trade and those subsequent moves may help the Bulls plot their next move. As a result, they would probably agree to this hypothetical deal with the Spurs and the Hawks.

Ultimately, Green's proposed deal between the Spurs, Hawks, and Bulls may help all three teams and change each of their outlooks going forward.