NBA Trades: Spurs land Wembanyama co-star in bold proposed deal with Hawks and Bulls 

Victor Wembanyama
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NBA Trades: Would the Atlanta Hawks agree to the deal?

The Hawks find themselves in a tough spot, to say the least. They traded most of their immediate first-round picks to the Spurs to get Murray to pair with Young in hopes of competing, but they are on the verge of missing the playoffs. That failure likely has Atlanta considering making drastic changes this summer with Murray and/or Young on the trading block.

This deal would send Young to the Spurs in exchange for the 2025 and 2027 unprotected picks Atlanta sent them, as well as San Antonio's pick in this year's draft, Charlotte's 2025 lottery-protected pick, and the rights to their 2026 first pick back. But wait, there's more! They'd also get Graham, Ball, and Jones.

The Hawks could waive Graham, see if Ball can still play and also add a solid short-term replacement point guard in Jones. That is obviously a lot—some would argue too much—for their best player but the Hawks probably aren't looking to move on from Young for much less than what's proposed. Therefore, if such a deal were offered, then the Hawks would probably jump at the chance but would the Bulls? We'll find out next.