NBA Trades: Spurs land Wembanyama co-star in bold proposed deal with Hawks and Bulls 

Victor Wembanyama
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NBA Trades: Would the San Antonio Spurs agree to the deal?

The Spurs find themselves in need of a major upgrade at point guard to help get their future superstar, Victor Wembanyama, the ball. That has led to speculation that they could pursue Young this summer.

This deal would net them Young, but it cost them an arm and a leg. They would have to send back all three of the first-round picks received in the Dejounte Murray deal, as well as the pick swap. They would even have to send their own top-three projected first-round selections but would get back the Kings pick, essentially swapping selections in this year's draft.

On the other hand, they would only need to give up Tre Jones and Devonte Graham, two players they wouldn't miss with Young on board. Young would give the Spurs an elite offensive player who can knock down threes at a high-volume, finish in the lane with floaters, or draw contact and get to the free throw line at will.

Add in that he is terrific at tossing lobs, and it would be a pick-your-poison situation in a Young-Wembanyama pick and roll. The basketball fit makes too much sense for the Spurs but giving up four firsts and a pick swap is a lot.

Charlotte's protected first is one thing but giving up what could be a top-3 pick in addition to two unprotected future picks and a pick swap could result in the Spurs giving up four lottery picks for Young. That might make San Antonio think twice and haggle about whether they'll need to include their own 2024 pick. If they aren't required to, then they would probably agree to the deal.