NBA Trades: Sixers swing for the fences in this wild proposed offseason deal with Jazz

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NBA Trades: Would the Jazz agree to the deal?

The Jazz have done a great job of tearing down the roster and getting assets to aid in their rebuild, including trading Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert for a bunch of first-round picks and Markkanen. Were they to do this deal, they could add even more first-round picks to their stockpile while also bottoming out ahead of the pivotal 2025 NBA Draft. At 27, Markkanen is in his prime, but the Jazz don't project to be good in the next few years since they are a late lottery team and aren't a free agency destination.

That seemingly makes the possibility of Markkanen being available more likely. In fact, only a handful of teams can even offer several first-round picks, seemingly limiting his trade market based on their presumed asking price.

That makes this hypothetical trade at least possible, though the Jazz may not be so quick to move Markkanen to the Sixers this summer. Especially with a team such as the Oklahoma City Thunder having the assets to best Philly's potential offer and possible interest.

Overall, the Sixers would probably jump at the chance to acquire Markkanen and the Jazz may have interest in dealing him. However, the Jazz may hold off on moving him this summer, decreasing the probability of this deal getting done.