NBA Trades: Sixers swing for the fences in this wild proposed offseason deal with Jazz

Tyrese Maxey
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NBA Trades: Would the Sixers agree to the deal?

The Sixers swinging for the fences by trading for Markkanen would make sense. He is still dramatically underpaid, making it far easier to trade for him with the Sixers only needing to ship out Reed and Utah absorbing the $9.5 million difference.

Three first-round picks and a pick swap would be a steep price but two of those selections are actually from the Clippers. They could even include another pick swap, if needed, if it helps to sweeten their offer.

If the Sixers were to acquire Markkanen, then they could still theoretically use cap space to help improve around him, Embiid, and Maxey. They could agree to a deal with Hield for around $20 million annually to get rid of his cap hold and still have around $36 million to sign two or three more players, then fill out the rest of the roster on minimum deals. As a result, the Sixers would almost certainly agree to the deal but would Utah?