NBA Trades: Sixers rescue season from brink with hypothetical blockbuster with Bulls

Philadelphia 76ers v Golden State Warriors
Philadelphia 76ers v Golden State Warriors / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages
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The Sixers have the assets to go out and get a star.

Fortunately for Philly, they have assets to acquire a scorer thanks to the James Harden trade from the beginning of the season. They have expiring contracts and some picks to dangle. They could entice a team like the Chicago Bulls to acquire one of the better scorers in the NBA: DeMar DeRozan.

DeRozan is not the same player he was in Toronto or the beginning of his tenure with the Bulls. His points per game have gone down from 28 to 25 to 22 this season. However, he can still score 20 points per game whenever he wants and that is what Philly needs right now. Tobias Harris and Kelly Oubre offer too many inconsistencies to be relied upon as second scoring options.

DeRozan also offers some playmaking as well, as he is averaging five assists per game this season. He is more of a complete offensive player than anyone on the Sixers right now sans Embiid. He also brings even more playoff experience to a roster looking to make it over the hump and has a familiarity with Sixers coach Nick Nurse and his system.

To make this match even better, DeRozan’s asking price is also not too steep as the Bulls are seeking at least a first-round pick. The Sixers acquired two in the James Harden trade, so they can afford to make a deal. Up next is the trade.