NBA Trades: Rockets become instant contenders in proposed blockbuster with Heat 

Jabari Smith Jr. and Jalen Green
Jabari Smith Jr. and Jalen Green / Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
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NBA Trades: Will the Heat accept this deal?

After Pat Riley made some pretty scathing comments about Butler in his end of season press conference and a report from The Athletic, it seems very plausible that the Heat and Butler could be headed for a divorce this offseason. 

Butler wants an extension that would pay him 113 million over the next two years and the Heat might be hesitant to give him that deal given his injury history the past couple seasons and his lack of availability. He has not played 65 games in a regular season in almost seven years and the Heat might have reached their ceiling with him as their top option.

In this deal, the Heat acquire a young player in Green, who has had a rocky start to his NBA career, but hasn’t had the benefit of stability. He has shown flashes of the kind of player he can be: a high-flying scoring guard. Coach Erik Spolestra could get the most out of Green and tap into his potential.

Miami also gets the third pick in the draft and while this draft class is weaker than recent years, there are still young prospects that the Heat can select to either flip in a future trade or insert into their lineup. It gives them another asset that could be useful to them either way.

Brooks gives the team a steady 3 and D wing that can start or come off the bench and brings a level of intensity that could be a great fit for Heat Culture. Miami would likely ask for more picks or a young player better than Tate, but if they decide moving on from Butler is best for the organization, this might be the best deal out there for them.