NBA Trades: Pelicans land perfect Zion and Murray co-star in potential Wolves swap

Atlanta Hawks v Minnesota Timberwolves
Atlanta Hawks v Minnesota Timberwolves / David Berding/GettyImages
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dj murray

The proposed deal sees the Pelicans and Wolves do a swap of Brandon Ingram and Karl Anthony-Towns. Ingram adds efficient shot creation at the wing that Minnesota needs next to Edwards, while the Pelicans get a replacement for Valanciunas and the perfect complement in their frontcourt for Williamson.

The Wolves also shed their payroll and even though Ingram is eligible for an extension, it will likely be for a lot less than what KAT was making on his. This also gives Ingram a much needed fresh start, as he reportedly did not have the best relationship with head coach Willie Green and New Orleans have been looking to trade him for a while.

Meanwhile, for KAT, he also gets a fresh start on a new team with his extension set to kick in. He would also be free of the clunky offensive and defensive fit he had with Rudy Gobert at times and would go back to being the guy at the center position. With both teams having the motivation for the deal, would they accept the deal as is?