NBA Trades: Orlando magically solves a major flaw in potential deal with Portland

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NBA Trades: Would the Magic agree to the deal?

The Magic have other options to consider besides trading for Simons, including acquiring his teammate Malcolm Brogdon, who, while in his early thirties, had a good season, is a terrific shooter, and would probably cost less to acquire.

Then there are upcoming free agents D'Angelo Russell and Klay Thompson, both of whom have been linked to Orlando. Each would add some needed shooting to their offense and with the Magic having cap space, they may sign one of them without having to give up a first-round pick to upgrade their roster.

That's definitely an option but Simons is the youngest of the aforementioned players, with the highest ceiling too. He also fits Orlando's timeline better, with him being within a few years of Banchero and Franz Wagner.

As for whether they'd make the proposed move, the Magic have plenty of assets and making a move to land Simons would be a wise use of those assets. It would also still allow them to make other moves using their cap space this summer. Therefore, they would also likely agree to the deal.