NBA Trades: Orlando magically solves a major flaw in potential deal with Portland

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NBA Trades: Would the Blazers agree to the deal?

The Blazers have been in rebuilding mode since they traded franchise icon Damian Lillard last summer and it may take a few years before they are back in contention. They already have a potential star in Scoot Henderson, who was the third overall pick in last year's draft.

They also have several veterans that could help them in the short term but may be more valuable as trade assets while the Blazers bottom out and try to build through the draft. Power forward Cooper Flagg is the expected number one pick of the 2025 draft and is the most hyped American prospect since Zion Williamson.

Landing the number one pick and being able to draft him could dramatically fast-track their rebuild. Thus, the Blazers may look to move on from players such as Simons in the hopes of improving their chances. While he is still young enough to be a part of their core at nearly 25 years old, he is about five years older than Henderson, and with two years remaining on his deal and him coming off a strong season, he may be at his peak value.

Getting a solid center in Carter Jr., a recent lottery pick and the more favorable of Orlando's two 2025 first-round picks, which may be in the late teens, would be a good haul. As a result, the Blazers may consider the proposed deal but would the Magic?