NBA Trades: Orlando magically solves a major flaw in potential deal with Portland

Paolo Banchero
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Fresh off an impressive 2023–24 season that included making the playoffs and nearly reaching the second round, the Orlando Magic look to improve this summer. Their biggest flaw this season was their lack of shooting, after finishing 29th in 3-point attempts and 24th in 3-point percentage.

That flaw reared its ugly head against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 7 of their first-round series. After jumping out to an 18-point lead, the Magic went cold and clanked three after three, making it impossible for them to catch up after digging themselves into a second-half hole.

With such a pronounced flaw, the Magic should focus all of their efforts on addressing that issue this summer and they will have the tools to do so. They project to have significant cap space, in addition to the 18th pick in the draft, but they could scour the trade market for both shooting and playmaking.

That leads us to an interesting trade proposal involving the up-and-coming Magic and the rebuilding Portland Trail Blazers. Next, we'll take a look at a hypothetical deal and see whether the Magic and Blazers would agree to the trade.