NBA Trades: Nets land rising superstar from Rockets in spicy proposed summer deal

Mikal Bridges, Cam Thomas
Mikal Bridges, Cam Thomas / Mike Stobe/GettyImages
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NBA Trades: Would the Brooklyn Nets agree to the deal?

In theory, the Nets could reset the clock by moving Bridges for Green, who is five and a half years younger. That is a big gap in terms of NBA years, and it would give the Nets time to build organically with three of their draft picks being returned in the hypothetical trade.

That makes more sense than having to make swing-for-the-fence deals to try and win now, which could hurt them later. Had the Nets made the deal with the Rockets at the trade deadline, they could have probably gotten a far more favorable deal, with Green potentially being attached to a slew of first-round picks.

That being said, Green has had an offensive explosion in March, averaging more than 30 points per game on terrific efficiency. That means his trade value has almost certainly increased, and the Nets should jump at the chance to acquire him if given another chance.

Obviously, averaging 30 points per game in a month is different from doing it over an entire season but Green has always flashed this potential and appears to be finally living up to it. Green could prove to be a franchise cornerstone and give the Nets more time.

As for Bridges' skillset, it might be better suited for an up-and-coming team like the Rockets, who have a mix of veterans and young talent. Ultimately, the Nets could and should agree to this potential deal.