NBA Trades: Nets land rising superstar from Rockets in spicy proposed summer deal

Mikal Bridges, Cam Thomas
Mikal Bridges, Cam Thomas / Mike Stobe/GettyImages
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Nets-Rockets Green deal

NBA Trades: Brooklyn lands a rising star from the Rockets

The proposed deal would send Jalen Green, Jock Landale, and Brooklyn's own 2024 and 2026 first-rounders, as well as the rights to their 2025 pick, back to the Nets in exchange for Bridges. After declining several offers for multiple firsts, moving Bridges for Green and their own picks back might seem like a major disappointment. Nevertheless, this hypothetical deal may actually work out for both franchises.

Green's recent play has likely dramatically improved his trade value, and with one more year on his rookie-scale deal, there could be plenty of interest in several teams. After all, he is set to make just $12.4 million next season. If his recent hot streak is something that he can sustain going forward, teams may seek to trade for him now before he signs an extension or enters restricted free agency after next season.

On the other hand, Bridges is seen as a key piece for many teams hoping to contend for a championship, given his durability, shooting, and defensive ability. However, his age probably doesn't fit the realistic timeline for the Nets, seemingly increasing the need for a deal. But would either team actually agree to a possible trade? Next, we'll see if the Nets will agree to the swap.