NBA Trades: Kings and Pelicans land stars in spicy proposed deal with Hawks 

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NBA Trades: Would the Hawks accept this deal?

The state of Atlanta Hawks basketball is up in the air. The Hawks have attempted to build a roster that can compete deep into the playoffs, but simply have failed. Now a middling sub-.500 play-in team, the Hawks have to pivot in one of two directions. Rebuild or contention. In order to accomplish a successful pivot, one of Trae Young or Dejounte Murray would have to be traded. Murray is coming off arguably a career-best season, much of which he played without his backcourt counterpart.

With Trae Young nearing contract extension eligibility (July 6), it becomes more likely the organization moves on from their franchise player. Atlanta currently has just shy of $9 million of 'first apron' cap space. Additionally, the deadly'second apron' is nearing Atlanta, with under $20 million of second apron space available. Atlanta has to free up money, which means moving Young or Murray. Clint Capela is extension-eligible on July 6, and the Hawks have Saddiq Bey's rights in restricted free agency.

As currently constructed, Atlanta will have offseason decisions to make involving their entire rotation throughout each of the next three seasons. Atlanta would free up significant cap space by dealing one of Young, Murray, or Capela to a contending team eyeing 'that missing piece'. Even though the Hawks wouldn't actually have cap space, there would be less concern about exceeding the first and second aprons. Murray is under contract longer, Young or Capela should be the traded pieces.

This three-team trade is a realistic option for all teams involved, considering the many variables involved. If Atlanta does choose to blow up their roster, and Ingram becomes knowingly available by New Orleans, a Kings team trying to stay among the Western Conference's best could easily swoop in and try to make a move. Each team will be active in this offseason, and this trade makes a great option for each team.