NBA Trades: Kings and Pelicans land stars in spicy proposed deal with Hawks 

Harrison Barnes and Domantas Sabonis
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ATL-NOLA-SAC 3-Team Trade

NBA Trades: Kings and Pelicans land stars in spicy proposed deal with Hawks 

The proposed deal above helps all three of the previously mentioned teams with some of their most important needs while providing the necessary resources for each team to enter the next phase of its franchise. For the Hawks, they receive Davion Mitchell, Harrison Barnes, and three draft picks from the Kings. New Orleans would receive Dejounte Murray from the Hawks and Chris Duarte from the Kings. Meanwhile, the Kings would acquire Brandon Ingram from New Orleans.

Each team's expectations would change drastically after this trade. For Sacramento, they can enter the upper echelon of Western Conference teams, with a more consistent offense alongside De'Aaron Fox, Domantas Sabonis, and Keegan Murray. The Kings lack shot creators, and Ingram would give the Kings a sustainable option when one of Fox, Sabonis, and Murray has an off night for the Kings.

Additionally, the Kings would send Harrison Barnes and Davion Mitchell to the Hawks. Atlanta, which won the NBA draft lottery recently, has an opportunity to reset its franchise long-term by rebuilding. Trading one or both of Dejounte Murray and Trae Young would give Atlanta the foundation for a rebuild. The backcourt tandem was one of the worst lineups for the Hawks when they were on the court together last season.

New Orleans is rumored to be shopping Brandon Ingram as they attempt to create more spacing and shooting for Zion Williamson moving forward. Ingram has one year remaining on his contract and will be a valuable rental for contending teams in the next year. With no guarantee that Ingram will re-sign with his new team, the offers for him may be less valuable than expected. Prepare for massive interest in the young wing, with many contenders looking to acquire him as their 'missing piece'.

The Pelicans got a productive comeback season from Trey Murphy III, who had a career season statistically across 57 games played (23 starts). Murphy III will also be a priority for the Pelicans this season, as he is soon eligible for a rookie-scale contract extension. The organization may have to choose between the better, veteran player in Ingram or the upside and shooting prowess of Murphy.

That leaves the Hawks, who are left with arguably the most offseason flexibility after winning the lottery. While this proposed trade sends out Dejounte Murray to an established Pelicans team, the Hawks receive a stash of draft picks, a moveable short-term contract (Barnes), and a young backup point guard (Mitchell). It's likely the Hawks weigh all options, with no player deemed 'untouchable' on their current roster. However, this trade sends Atlanta into the territory of rebuilding or retooling to compete.