NBA Trades: Houston Rockets into contention in spicy mock deal with the Nets and Jazz

Jalen Green
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NBA Trades: Would the Rockets agree to the deal?

Though they finished 41-41, the Rockets went 14-6 in their last 20 games, suggesting that they already have the talent to win games. However, this trade would potentially unlock that potential and give them the right mix of veterans and young talent.

They already have a veteran point guard in Vanvleet who helped the Rockets improve and Bridges would make a similar impact. Giving up the third pick in a questionable draft, relinquishing the rights to Brooklyn's 2025 first and giving them back their 2026 first in exchange for Bridges would be a no-brainer for them.

Especially if it means that they can hold onto Green, who broke out late this season. Green averaged 24.1 points, 6.2 rebounds, and 4.3 assists in his last 20 games but was on the trading block prior to the deadline, though the Nets apparently decided against acquiring him.

That might have been a bad decision on their part and the Rockets might not be willing to part with him now with the hope that he and Sengun can raise the team's ceiling. Based on that, the Rockets would absolutely agree to the deal as-is.

Overall, there is something here for the Jazz, Nets, and Rockets. With the draft weeks away and the Rockets seemingly open to moving the third pick, a deal involving that selection may happen soon.