NBA Trades: Houston Rockets into contention in spicy mock deal with the Nets and Jazz

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NBA Trades: Would the Jazz agree to the deal?

The Jazz's role in the deal would be to offset salary by offloading Collins, whom they tried and failed to move this season. Although they wouldn't receive any picks in the deal, they would replace a player they don't want with a starter in Dillon Brooks, who is among the best perimeter defenders in the entire NBA.

After being in the mix for the play-in tournament the last couple of years, he could help shore up their 25th-ranked defense and get them closer to being a playoff team. He is also on a good contract with Brooks, only set to make around $20 million annually over the next three seasons, which could be an even better deal with the salary cap set to rise.

If nothing else, swapping Collins for a player that might help them in the short term would be worth considering, particularly if his contract becomes more valuable in the process. Based on that, the Jazz might consider the trade. However, would the Nets agree to the proposed deal as is? Next up, we will take a look and see what they might do in regard to the hypothetical deal.