NBA Trades: Heat and Sixers land stars in huge, proposed deal with Cavs and Wizards

Bam Adebayo, Jimmy Butler
Bam Adebayo, Jimmy Butler / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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Grade the trade: Would the Cavaliers agree to the deal?

The Cavaliers have arguably the least certain future of the four teams, with Mitchell now willing to sign an extension this summer but Garland possibly wanting out. That may force Cleveland to consider trading him.

With that being the case, the Cavs could field offers in hopes of getting the best possible deal that would help them in the short and long term. This deal might do just that. Herro would give the Cavs a productive Garland replacement, albeit not on his level but three years younger and under contract for three more seasons.

They would also get three first-round picks—the 15th pick in this year's draft via Miami—and two potential future lottery picks via the Heat and the Clippers by way of the Sixers, plus a second rounder. Getting a starter, three good firsts, and a second is a competitive offer.

While teams such as the Orlando Magic, Brooklyn Nets, and San Antonio Spurs may be able to offer more for Garland, it doesn't mean that they will, especially with Trae Young also possibly on the trade market. As a result, the Cavs would likely agree to the framework of the deal only if it was clear that Garland didn't want to play in Cleveland.