NBA Trades: Hawks shake up roster in daring proposed deal with Pelicans

Atlanta Hawks v Chicago Bulls - Play-In Tournament
Atlanta Hawks v Chicago Bulls - Play-In Tournament / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages
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Hawks-Pelicans deal

NBA Trades: Should the Atlanta Hawks consider the deal?

Putting a bigger, more athletic star player next to Trae Young is an enticing prospect that the Hawks have yet to explore. The idea behind the Young and Murray pairing was that the two would be able to support each other in ways they couldn't support themselves. 

Murray was known as one of the league's best guard defenders, while the weakest part of Young's game was his defense. Murray was never an elite outside shooter and Young was one of the game's best three-point snipers. 

It turns out that Murray wasn't quite as good at defensively guarding bigger and more athletic players as a primary shooting guard, while Young was not quite as good at shooting the ball off the catch, with Murray creating a shot for him, as opposed to off the dribble, where Young would create a shot for himself. 

Ingram has improved noticeably as a defender, using his 7'3'' wingspan and 6'8'' frame to his advantage. Ingram also has experience playing off the ball, both with the Lakers, where he began his career, and later with the Pelicans, where he shot a career-high 39% from three in 2022. 

He wouldn't have the same issues as Murray had adjusting to a new role in Atlanta. In addition to Ingram, the Hawks would acquire Larry Nance Jr., a seasoned veteran who would provide some versatility and depth in the frontcourt.