NBA Trades: Grading the unprecedented Spurs-Wolves draft night deal

Gregg Popovich
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Grade the Trade: Minnesota Timberwolves

The Wolves are currently projected to have the highest payroll in the NBA, and this deal actually adds significant money to their payroll with Dillingham's contract worth $6.28 million during his rookie season. Given that they are a second-apron team, it will essentially cost them at least that much in luxury tax.

Still, Diillingham's explosive offensive scoring ability, including his shooting and play making, will be extremely valuable to the Wolves, serving as a backup to Mike Conley and likely an immediate Sixth Man option (technically, seventh, including Naz Reid).

From that perspective, he'd be valuable and help boost their shooting and bench production. There are a few downsides to the deal, however. Dillingham is thin and short, making him an easy target for defenses, which will likely prevent him from starting, especially on a playoff team.

Considering they gave up an unprotected first seven years from now and a very lightly protected pick swap, they could be giving up two lottery picks for a Lou Williams type. In and of itself, that might not be a great move, though Dillingham might be the best offensive player in the draft, so its a risky move to be sure.

Grade: B-