NBA Trades: Grading the unprecedented Spurs-Wolves draft night deal

Gregg Popovich
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Grade the Trade: San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs kicking the can six years down the road must be infuriating for their fans but there may be a great reason behind it. Minnesota's core that carried them to the Western Conference Finals isn't built for the long term.

Karl-Anthony Town's could be traded in the next year to cut costs and Rudy Gobert is 32 and probably won't be in the league by then. Even rising superstar Anthony Edwards will be in his late 20's and may not be on the Wolves with his contract ending in 2029.

Meanwhile, Victor Wembanyama will be 26 when the first of those picks come due. Teams such as the Denver Nuggets are struggling to keep talent around their superstar while staying under the second apron. 

Therefore, having two potentially huge assets could be huge for the Spurs and help keep their roster affordable and talent-filled. It's a risk since Dillingham could turn out to be great but it's a worthwhile gamble. 

Grade: A