NBA Trades: This Cavs-Hawks-Spurs-Pelicans draft night swap would be a game-changer

Trae Young, Dejounte Murray
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NBA Trades: Would the Cavs agree to the deal?

Lastly, we arrive at the Cavaliers, who are one of the biggest wildcards in the NBA this summer. While several of their stars have been rumored to be available, Allen and Garland may be the most likely to be moved and could get them a good return value, which they can use to build around their remaining core.

This hypothetical deal would see the Cavs receive two first-round picks, and two second-round picks, McCollum and Ingram, which would be a strong haul. While McCollum is overpaid, he still had a solid season for the Pelicans, and the Cavs may be willing to take back his deal if it means that the Pelicans are willing to give up not only Ingram but two firsts.

They can use those assets to further build around their new potential core and it might be enough for the Cavs to agree to the proposed deal. All in all, the potential deal between the Hawks, Pelicans, Spurs, and Cavs has something for each team. With the NBA draft less than a week away, we'll soon see if a deal similar to this proposed one materializes.