NBA Trades: The 76ers add much-needed reinforcements in this proposed deal with Blazers

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NBA Trades: Would the Blazers agree to the deal?

The Blazers finally traded franchise legend Damian Lillard and began their rebuild over the summer. While they didn't get a lot of picks in return for their superstar, they got players who they later flipped for picks and more players.

This far, they are up three firsts, three pick swaps, and two seconds, and they may be looking for at least a first for Brogdon and two for Grant. The mock trade would see them net two first-rounders and a second, as well as clear out $55 million in cap space for free agency. That would be a highly competitive offer and it would be hard for a team to beat that.

Now, if a team such as the San Antonio Spurs or the New York Knicks were to trade for Brogdon and the Sacramento Kings or Dallas Mavericks were to acquire Grant, then that might net the Blazers more assets, but those deals might not materialize. Barring that, the Blazers would probably agree to the hypothetical deal with the Sixers.

All in all, the Sixers are expected to be buyers at the trade deadline, while the Blazers could be sellers. Given what the Sixers team needs and what the Blazers have available, there is a chance that a deal could get done between these two franchises.