NBA Trades: The 76ers add much-needed reinforcements in this proposed deal with Blazers

Joel Embiid
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Sixers-Blazers trade

NBA Trades: 76ers add much-needed reinforcements in this proposed deal with Blazers.

The proposed trade between the Sixers and Blazers would send both Brogdon and Grant to the Sixers in exchange for Tobias Harris, Marcus Morris, a 2026 and 2028 first-round pick, and a second-round pick. In theory, this potential trade would help both teams in the long run. For the Sixers, it would give them another shooter and ball handler to play alongside star Tyrese Maxey in the back court.

It would also give them a high-scoring power forward who can also defend and knock down open threes. Factor in that they are up two firsts from the James Harden deal, and they wouldn't be out any future assets while also upgrading their roster significantly. From the Blazers perspective, they would add two future first-round picks to their stockpile as well as get off of the long-term salary owed to Grant.

On the other hand, the Blazers could potentially get more in return for two of their best trade assets by moving them in separate deals. Several teams are in need of a starting point guard and Brogdon would be a great short-term option for them, while multiple contenders could use a power forward who can both score and defend.

Also, the Sixers are projected to have a significant amount of cap space this summer. Given how well they have performed this season with Embiid and Maxey and their best players, they may be fine making smaller deals and seeing what they can do in the summer to improve their roster further without having to give up three future picks. Next, we'll take a look and see whether the Sixers would actually do the proposed deal.