NBA Trades: 6 winners and losers of the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline 

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Trade Deadline Winners: Golden State Warriors

Another team that opted to stand still at the trade deadline is the Golden State Warriors, despite their struggles. On the surface, that appears to be the wrong decision, with them under .500 and 9th in the Western Conference.

Then again, they have had injury and suspension issues and the upcoming nine-day all-star break will give them a chance to regroup. Better still, they have played the second toughest schedule in the NBA thus far and that will change over the course of the second half of the season. An easier schedule, better health, and Jonathan Kuminga breaking out in a big way could very well lead to a complete 180 for the Warriors and increase their chances of making the playoffs.

That won't help them with the tough decisions coming up in the summer, including whether to let Klay Thompson leave or rather to trade Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins, or waive Chris Paul. But that is a problem for later, and the Warriors are clearly focused on getting back on track now. They could also pick up a buyout player, further helping their playoff hopes. In this case, the best move to boost Golden State may have been to sit tight and they did