NBA Trades: 6 winners and losers of the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline 

Jalen Brunson
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Trade Deadline Winners: New York Knicks

After being the perpetual laughingstock of the NBA, who's laughing now at the New York Knicks? Not the other teams that will have to face them. The Knicks somehow managed to dramatically upgrade their roster by adding Alec Burks, Bojan Bogdanovic, Daniel House Jr., and OG Anunoby (earlier this season), all without giving up a first-round pick.

Adding several shooters and one of the best perimeter defenders without touching those assets allows them to keep their options open this summer if they fail to make it deep in the playoffs, or even if they do.

They have long been linked to Cleveland Cavaliers guard Donovan Mitchell and would still have the assets needed to pursue him should he become available. Improving in the short term should help them challenge for the number two seed in the Eastern Conference and dramatically increase their chances of getting to the Conference Finals.

Particularly once players such as Juluis Randle, Anunoby, and Mitchell Robinson return to the lineup. That might take a few weeks but the nine-day all-star break will give them time to get right ahead of the stretch run. Great series of moves for the Knicks.