NBA Trades: 6 point guards the Spurs must consider pairing with Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama
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1) Chris Paul

The Golden State Warriors have been struggling of late and if that continues, they could look to make major changes to their roster. Given Chris Paul's unique contract, he can be considered an expiring contract, and his $29 million salary could help the Warriors match his salary in a trade for a star.

Whatever team acquires him could then re-trade him, with the Spurs being a possible landing spot and Graham and McDermott could be used to match salaries with picks attached. How much they'd be willing to give up would depend on Paul's future. If he's open to playing beyond this season, then he'd be worth giving up a few seconds for Paul.

After all, he has a history of coming in and transforming team cultures. New Orleans, Los Angeles, and Phoenix—they all benefited from Paul's presence, and the Spurs would probably be no different. A season and a half of Paul would do wonders for a franchise that has struggled to win games over the last four seasons and has also struggled to get Wembanyama the ball.

He'd be an excellent stop-gap option who could unlock an underutilized part of Wembanyama's game, the pick-and-roll. Paul should definitely be an option for the Spurs, should he become available.