NBA Trades: 6 point guards the Spurs must consider pairing with Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama
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3) Tyus Jones

The Spurs trading for Tyus Jones would seem like a perfect fit for both sides given that he'd give San Antonio some much-needed playmaking and Jones' younger brother is the team's backup point guard. Jones is on an expiring contract for a non-competitive team in the Washington Wizards.

With Jones able to leave in free agency next summer, they could look to trade him for assets and look for a long-term option in the 2024 NBA Draft, with a couple of interesting options potentially available. Of course, the Spurs have plenty of assets and they could swap Devonte Graham and two second-round picks for Jones.

Graham is on a partially guaranteed contract for next season, essentially making him an expiring contract, and the Spurs could basically swap him and multiple seconds to the Wizards for Jones. Given that the Spurs are unlikely to use all of their picks, trading a few seconds for a starting point guard would be a wise move for their team.

Moreover, they'd be in a great position to re-sign him in free agency, even as they also potentially look to add a point guard in the draft. Tyus would be a nice stop-gap option if they draft a guard with that prospect likely needing time to develop.