NBA Trades: 6 point guards the Spurs must consider pairing with Wembanyama

Victor Wembanyama
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5) Davion Mitchell

Sacramento Kings point guard Davion Mitchell has recently fallen out of the team's rotation, which could lead to a potential trade. Mitchell is known as a stellar defensive player, one who can hound opposing guards and could be better on the offensive end given his struggles as a shooter.

That makes him a tougher fit since he likely maxes out as a spot starter or a second-unit point guard. Were the Spurs to trade for him, they could promote backup point guard Trey Jones to starter and have Mitchell play with the second unit.

That won't necessarily solve all of their problems, though it would finally get Jones into the starting lineup. There, he could do wonders for the other four starters, considering he is the Spurs' best playmaker by far.

Mitchell would be more of a flyer for the Spurs than a long-term fit, but given their issues stopping opposing guards, he might be worth a shot to see how he'd fit. As far as assets, the Kings may only be seeking a second-round pick or two, potentially making him a low-cost option for San Antonio.