NBA Trades: 16 deals the Spurs must consider before the deadline

Jeremy Sochan, Victor Wembanyama, Keldon Johnson
Jeremy Sochan, Victor Wembanyama, Keldon Johnson / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Young-Spurs trade

9) Spurs add point guard of the future in proposed deal with Hawks.

The Hawks have reportedly made Trae Young off-limits in trade talks, but according to a recent report by Matt Moore, Young is open to playing in San Antonio with Wembanyama. While that alone may not sway the Hawks, it should get the Spurs to make a strong offer. Piggy-backing on the proposed Murray offer, the Spurs could offer up Johnson and the Bulls 2025 first while trading back Atlanta's 2025 and 2027 unprotected first and their pick swap in 2026.

Receiving their own picks back for their best player might not seem that appealing to the Hawks. However, not having control of their future firsts for three straight years is why they can't simply do a full teardown since San Antonio would be the beneficiary of their tanking efforts. Getting their picks back would at least get them out of that hole, plus they'd get Johnson and a likely lottery pick from the Bulls.

Even then, Atlanta might still say no and hope that they can quickly retool around Young but that will be hard for them to do without high draft picks, and he may eventually want out. In the meantime, a trade involving Young and the Spurs appears unlikely, though it wouldn't hurt for them to try.