NBA Trades: 16 deals the Spurs must consider before the deadline

Jeremy Sochan, Victor Wembanyama, Keldon Johnson
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Spurs-Pacers McConnell

13) Spurs add a solid point guard in mock deal with Pacers.

Indiana Pacers backup point guard TJ McConnell hasn't played a lot of minutes thus far but has been highly productive. That could make him a trade target for a team such as the Spurs, who could use another steady point guard. While he would be one of the older players on the Spurs, he would provide a spark off their bench as an irritating defender known for hounding opposing guards up the court and jumping passing lanes, leading to plenty of steals.

He can, of course, create for others too, and managed to be an efficient scorer, though he virtually never takes threes. Be that as it may, McConnell isn't a perfect fit on most teams but he'd be fine on a team that needs someone who can set up others and play with energy.

He also probably wouldn't cost more than a second and is under contract through next season. As a result, the Spurs could send the Pacers Osman and the Pelicans 2025 second-round pick. That move would net the Pacers a second-rounder, and a rotation player, and save them $9.3 million next season, thus making it a potential win-win move for both teams.