NBA Trades: 16 deals the Spurs must consider before the deadline

Jeremy Sochan, Victor Wembanyama, Keldon Johnson
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PJ Tucker Spurs trade

4) Spurs add to their treasure-trove of picks in possible deal with Clippers.

With PJ Tucker collecting DNPs, it seems likely that he could be traded and the Spurs may be willing to take him off their hands for two second-round picks. Osman would be a nice offensive addition to the Clippers bench and moving on from Tucker would save them $4.3 million plus at least $10 million in luxury tax.

Not to mention his $11.7 million player option for next season, which he is sure to pick up. Based on that, the Clippers have reason to try and move him and may be willing to part with two second-round picks, including a 2030 second that could be like a late-future first if they are bad. San Antonio wouldn't have much use for Tucker on the court, though his $11.7 salary could be useful in a trade to match salary, especially since it's an expiring contract.

With the Spurs set to have up to $20 million in cap space, that would cut into it, but with potentially two top-10 picks, they may not plan to be a big spender and could instead prefer to add more picks while having a tradeable salary in case another deal comes along that they like.