NBA Trades: 16 deals the Spurs must consider before the deadline

Jeremy Sochan, Victor Wembanyama, Keldon Johnson
Jeremy Sochan, Victor Wembanyama, Keldon Johnson / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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After drafting one of the most hyped prospects in NBA history, many expected the San Antonio Spurs to exceed expectations thanks to Victor Wembanyama. While he has been as good as advertised, the Spurs have been arguably the most disappointing team in the league, and they are on their way to their worst season in franchise history.

With San Antonio struggling, they could look to cash in their considerable assets to try and improve their roster around their new star. While that may worsen their pick in the 2024 NBA draft, it would give them a head start on a pivotal offseason in which they must improve or risk a third straight season at the bottom of the standings.

That normally isn't the worst place to be for a rebuilding team but with a player like Wembanyama, there is a clock that they must be mindful of. After all, most talented young players are signed to four-year rookie-scale contracts, then re-signed for four- or five-year deals.

That means that San Antonio could have Wembanyama under contract for eight or nine seasons before he can hit unrestricted free agency. The Spurs must build around him while they can; as a result, here are 16 trades that they must consider ahead of the February trade deadline.