NBA Trades: 12 perfect playmakers the Spurs must consider pairing with Wembanyama

The talented young San Antonio Spurs are a free agent destination and here are the 12 best available playmakers they can sign in free agency or trade for this summer.
Victor Wembanyama
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10) Ben Simmons

I know, I know, former number one overall pick Ben Simmons is basically damaged goods at this point after playing just 47 games over the last three seasons. Nevertheless, he did show flashes of the elite playmaking that made him a star when he was healthy this season. Moreover, there are two ways he could join San Antonio. The first would be a straight-up trade.

Unless the Spurs are involved in a 3-team deal, that may be unlikely, though there is the possibility that he would shake loose if he were traded elsewhere. He has a $40 million expiring salary, and, depending on where he is traded—should he be dealt—he could be waived or bought out. That would allow him to join the team of his choosing. Were that to happen, the Spurs would make for an interesting fit given their need for playmaking and potential to offset his weaknesses.

He can't shoot and has to play with the ball in his hands. However, the Spurs could pair him with four shooters, including Wembanyama, in certain lineups to make full use of his size and playmaking ability. Whether Simmons becomes available and whether the Spurs would sign him is questionable, but he'd make for an interesting fit, to be sure.