NBA Trades: 12 perfect playmakers the Spurs must consider pairing with Wembanyama

The talented young San Antonio Spurs are a free agent destination and here are the 12 best available playmakers they can sign in free agency or trade for this summer.
Victor Wembanyama
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3) Tyus Jones

Washington Wizards point guard Tyus Jones may be one of the more underrated options for the Spurs this summer. Jones has established himself as a capable starter who is among the league's best at taking care of the ball. While he ranks among the lower tier of starting point guards, having a game manager who can reliably distribute and knock down open threes would be nice for the Spurs.

Better yet, his younger brother Tre Jones also plays for the team and has many of the same attributes as Tyus does, albeit a worse 3-point shooter. If the Spurs decline Atlanta's trade demands for Young and Murray, they could pivot to pursuing Jones in free agency. They could have up to $25 million in cap space and Jones would cost considerably less than that.

A 2-year, $25–30 million deal would allow the Spurs to address their point guard needs while not handcuffing them going forward. After all, his contract would end with one year remaining on Wembanyama's rookie deal, giving the team flexibility to continue to improve around their new franchise cornerstone.