NBA trade targets: 5 realistic and 5 pipe dream options for teams to consider

LeBron James, Dejounte Murray
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Realistic Trade Target: Zach LaVine

It appears that interest in Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine may be waining, so much so that the Bulls are reportedly looking to offload him. That would be a far cry from receiving multiple assets for their best player and his three years and $140 million in remaining salary probably have a lot to do with it.

That is a lot for any team to commit to, and many playoff teams may have a hard time matching salaries or giving up multiple picks. Instead, now the Bulls are willing to settle for getting off his remaining contract and being able to bottom out or even retool through free agency.

At the moment, there may only be a few potential takers but with the asking price apparently much lower for LaVine now than it was a month or two ago, that may get teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers or Miami Heat to reconsider. Ultimately, whether he gets traded before the deadline appears to have less to do with the Bulls' willingness and more to do with the market for LaVine or lack thereof.