NBA trade targets: 5 realistic and 5 pipe dream options for teams to consider

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Pipe Dream Trade Target: Lauri Markkanan

Sharpshooting power forward Lauri Markkanan of the Utah Jazz has seen his name come up in trade rumors but it seems like a long shot that he will be moved. That being said, things can change, and the Jazz have reason to consider moving him if the right deal were to come along.

For one, they owe a top-10 protected pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder and moving Markkanan would ensure that they hold on to that pick in this year's NBA Draft. Another reason is that he is only under contract for one more season after this year, meaning that he is at the peak of his trade value.

After bouncing around the NBA, including being traded three times, he has found his footing in Utah, averaging more than 25 points per game while ranking among the most efficient 20-point scorers in the league.

Utah is right to want several first-round picks in return for Markkanen, especially with Siakam netting the Toronto Raptors three. This despite Siakam being four years older and only under contract for the remainder of the season.

If a team were to offer at least three firsts, then the Jazz may consider it, since while he is still just 26 years old, they may not be able to build around him before he turns 30. Few teams have those types of assets so Markennnen will probably stay in Utah through the deadline.