NBA trade targets: 5 realistic and 5 pipe dream options for teams to consider

LeBron James, Dejounte Murray
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Pipe Dream Trade Target: Klay Thompson

Could this be the final season for the Golden State Warriors legend, Klay Thompson? Possibly, but perhaps not due to a trade. Thompson and the Warriors have failed to agree on a contract extension and his play this season probably hasn't changed their minds after low-balling him. Be that as it may, Golden State may be willing to have him play out the season and see how his free agency goes rather than move him, assuring that he never plays for the Warriors again. 

That could mean they lose their second-best player for nothing but he could find a tough free agent market where the teams that have the cap space aren't looking to sign a 3-year-old former all-star. That may play right into Golden State's hands and leave the door open for the two sides to agree to a deal, rather than him finishing his Hall of Fame career elsewhere.

Of course, there is a chance for a sign and trade this summer, in which Thompson agrees to a deal with a new team and the Warriors facilitate the signing while receiving something in return. Even then, that may only be after a potential last dance for the Warriors Big 3 this season.