NBA trade rumors: Utah's asking price; Celtics eyeing a stretch 5? Spurs after a 7'2 big

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Hey Hoops Heads! Here are the latest NBA trade rumors.

NBA trade rumors: Utah's huge asking price

The Utah Jazz aren't normally involved in many trade rumors but a new one surrounding star player Lauri Markkanen has sparked a lot of interest considering the team's reported asking price.

The Jazz likely know that they aren't getting anywhere near five first-round picks for Markkanen but they are at least making it known that he is available—for a high price. If a team offers up three firsts, then they may have a shot at acquiring the reigning Most Improved Player, but few teams have multiple firsts available.

Although it's unclear who would be willing to offer up multiple firsts, several teams will surely be checking his availability, including potentially the Detroit Pistons and Sacramento Kings. The Pistons are looking to improve their roster after 24 straight losses and they have the picks to make a strong offer. Meanwhile, the Kings are looking to make a win-now trade and have most of their first-round picks available.

With the Jazz looking to keep their lottery pick this year, they have little incentive to push for the playoffs. Moreover, with Markkanen already 26 years old, they don't figure to be able to build a contender around him and would rather see what they can get and do a full rebuild.

The San Antonio Spurs recently did a similar trade by moving Dejounte Murray to the Atlanta Hawks for three first-round picks and a pick swap. That allowed them to sell high on their best asset, bottom out, and get the number one pick in the 2023 NBA Draft. The Jazz could be looking to do the same with a Markkanen deal.