NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers top trade target hinting at deal? Knicks shopping star? More!

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Hello Hoops Heads! Here's the latest NBA trade rumors.

NBA Trade Rumors: A surprise Pascal Siakam update.

The Toronto Raptors are widely expected to trade star Pascal Siakam before the February trade deadline, especially after doing the same with OG Anunoby. However, a new report by Marc Stein raises questions about the Raptors being able to do so. After all, he is on an expiring contract and, as Stein reports, he is unwilling to sign an extension. That means that whether he is traded or not, he will still hit unrestricted free agency this summer.

That surprising development could torpedo his value since teams aren't going to give up multiple assets if there is a chance that he could leave this summer. Then again, the Raptors still have incentive to move him since they appear to be retooing around Scottie Barnes and can't risk losing their best player for nothing.

That puts the Raptors in between a rock and a hard place since they may have to settle for less in return for Siakam. Doing so would make them worse this season, though it would increase their chances of keeping their top six protected picks away from the San Antonio Spurs.

That might be reason enough for them to get a deal done in the month ahead of the deadline but it is unclear who will acquire Siakam, especially knowing that he will be a rental for the time being.