NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers rivals favored to land LeBron. Is a star hinting at move to Heat? More!

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NBA Trade Rumors: Is Dejounte Murray hinting at a trade to Miami?

Guard Dejounte Murray is widely expected to be traded before the deadline, with the Atlanta Hawks' second-best player drawing interest from several teams. With so many teams interested, fans of those teams are hoping for news regarding a potential deal. However, Murray's recent Instagram post quickly went viral. He posted an image of the Miami Heat's retired jerseys, seemingly hinting that his jersey could one day join them.

For those unaware, Murray has a tendency to be cryptic on social media, which normally leads to plenty of speculation, though the Heat have been rumored to have an interest in him. That only adds fuel to the fire that the Heat could make a trade deadline deal to upgrade at point guard.

After all, it is arguably their weakest position, with 37-year-old Kyle Lowry currently starting. Lowry is on a big expiring contract, which would make it easy for Miami to match salary in a trade for Murray and potentially another player.

The Hawks are looking for multiple firsts for Murray, which would be harder since the Heat have few remaining, but it is certainly possible. Ultimately, it's hard to say whether Murray was trolling or whether the Heat will acquire him. We'll have to wait and see.