NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers rivals favored to land LeBron. Is a star hinting at move to Heat? More!

LeBron James
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Hello Hoop Heads! Here's the latest in NBA trade rumors.

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is in the middle of his 21st season and still playing at an unpredicted level. But, with the Lakers currently 10th in the Western Conference and LeBron in the final season of his contract, his future is far from certain. 

LeBron has previously mentioned wanting to play with his son, Bronny James, once he enters the NBA and the Lakers are unlikely to be in a position to draft him. Therefore, if that is still his plan, then he will probably be playing elsewhere next season.

In fact, according to Bet Online.AG, the San Antonio Spurs are the favorites to acquire him should he leave L.A. While their odds don't appear to be based on inside intel, the Spurs are expected to have four picks—two in the first round and two in the second round—making it an educated guess.

Bronny James was initially expected to be a lottery pick but his draft stock is rather low at the moment. Still, a team is sure to bet on drafting him, given his pedigree and the chances that they can also sign his dad, LeBron. Of course, there is the chance that LeBron opts to retire instead of returning for his 22nd season but if he doesn't, then there is a decent chance he might be wearing silver and black.