NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers landing star "unrealistic". Detroit linked to two stars. Warriors open to moving Klay?

Klay Thompson
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NBA Trade Rumors: Is Golden State open to moving Klay Thompson?

After dropping another close game to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Golden State Warriors have slipped further down the Western Conference standings. That has only increased the probability that they will make a deal at the trade deadline, and, according to Shams Charania, they have been mulling over the idea of trading Chris Paul, Andrew Wiggins, and yes, even Klay Thompson.

Thompson is in the final year of his contract after failing to agree to a contract extension, making it make sense for them to at least gauge trade interest.

It is unclear if they will actually trade a franchise icon, though they will probably look more at Paul and Wiggins given that Paul has a $30 million contract that is essientially an expiring deal. As for Wiggins, he hasn't been the same player he was during the team's 2022 championship run and is in the first year of a 4-year, $110 million contract.

Paul and a first-round pick could be enough to upgrade their roster to make a post-season push. However, they will have to weigh the need to try to win now vs. the future. They have had one of the toughest records in the NBA thus far and once their schedule lightens up, they could climb in the standings but a trade would certainly help.