NBA Trade Rumors: Lakers landing star "unrealistic". Detroit linked to two stars. Warriors open to moving Klay?

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NBA Trade Rumors: Detroit Pistons linked to two stars.

The Pistons are currently on pace to be one of, if not the worst, teams in NBA history. With nowhere to go but up, they have been linked to two stars in the lead-up to the trade deadline. The first was Hawks guard Dejounte Murray, though according to Marc Stein, trade talks broke down and may not resume.

The other is Chicago Bulls star Zach LaVine, though it's unclear whether those trade talks will also stall. LaVine's trade value doesn't appear to be all that high at the moment, so it probably makes sense for the Pistons to at least look into a possible trade. While they seem dead set against trading any of their young core, they do have plenty of tradeable salaries, including Killian Hayes, James Wiseman, and Joe Harris.

That being said, the Bulls will probably want picks in return for their best player, potentially two of them. That might be something the Pistons agree to, depending on pick protections, making a potential deal seem at least possible, especially with a limited market for LaVine and Detroit desperate to improve.