NBA Trade: Grading the wild 3-team Spurs, Kings, and Bulls DeRozan swap

DeMar DeRozan
DeMar DeRozan / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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One of the last big free agents remaining now has a new home, which could have big ramifications for the Western Conference. A three-team deal involving the San Antonio Spurs, Chicago Bulls, and Sacramento Kings saw the Bulls sign Demar DeRozan to a 3-year, $74 million deal and trade him to the Kings.

The Kings will send Harrison Barnes to the Spurs as well as an unprotected first-round pick swap in 2031, Chris Duarte, and a second-round pick to the Bulls. The Spurs will also send the Bulls a second-round pick.

In theory, that seems to be a potentially beneficial deal for all three teams, with the Bulls getting two seconds for a player they weren't going to retain anyway, helping them with their apparent rebuild. The Kings, who have been trying to keep pace in a highly competitive West, get a major offensive upgrade in DeRozan. Lastly, the Spurs would get some much-needed shooting with Barnes, who will also provide a veteran presence.

Sign and trades can be hard to evaluate since those deals aren't meant to provide equal value to each team. However, we will go through and grade how each team made out in the deal.