NBA standings ordered by post-trade deadline record: Warriors and Mavs surging

Luka Doncic, Stephen Curry
Luka Doncic, Stephen Curry / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages
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The February 8th trade deadline saw several teams make moves in hopes of upgrading their roster ahead of the final stretch of the regular season. Those moves have panned out better for some teams than others.

With three weeks remaining in the regular season, we are starting to see the full extent of those results. With that being said, let's take a look at every team's record since the February 8th trade deadline and see how the standings would bear out if they were based solely on that.

Eastern Conference based on post-trade deadline record.

1) Boston Celtics-19-4

2) Orlando Magic-16-7

3) Milwaukee Bucks: 14-9

4) Miami Heat-13-9

5) Indiana Pacers-13-10

6) Atlanta Hawks-12-11

7) Chicago Bulls-12-12

8) New York Knicks- 11-12

9) Cleveland Cavaliers-12-14

10) Philadelphia 76ers-10-15

11) Brooklyn Nets-9-16

12) Charlotte Hornets-8-15

13) Detroit Pistons-6-18

14) Toronto Raptors-5-18

15) Washington Wizards-5-20

Unsurprisingly, the Celtics lead all teams post-trade deadline. They've won a staggering 82% of their games, actually increasing their league-leading record and putting themselves on pace to win 64 games.

Despite missing three starters for most of the time since the trade deadline, the Knicks have hung tough, going 11-12. That has helped them keep pace in the East, though the Pacers and particularly the Magic are among the hottest teams in the conference.

On the other end of the East standings are the Toronto Raptors, who have won just 22% of their games since February 8th. That is actually a good thing for them since they currently have the sixth-worst record. 

While they owe a top-six protected first-round pick to the San Antonio Spurs, they will have a coin-flip chance to keep their pick. This after it initially appeared as though they were certain to lose it. Up next is the Western Conference.