NBA standings ordered by bench offense: Who has the most explosive second unit?

Paolo Banchero
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Western Conference based on bench scoring.

1) Utah Jazz
2) Golden State Warriors
3) San Antonio Spurs
4) Dallas Mavericks
5) LA Clippers
6) Sacramento Kings
7) Oklahoma City Thunder
8) Portland Trail Blazers
9) New Orleans Pelicans
10) Los Angeles Lakers
11) The Houston Rockets
12) Memphis Grizzlies
13) Minnesota Timberwolves
14) Denver Nuggets
15) Phoenix Suns

At the top of these standings are the three teams under .500. The Jazz feature Jordan Clarkson, who is averaging a league-leading 18.5 points per game while coming off the bench. Meanwhile, the Warriors starting lineup has consistently changed so they may drop in these rankings but they were led by Chris Paul before his injury. 

The Spurs have also seen a lot of changes to their bench. Last season's leading scorer, Keldon Johnson, has been coming off the bench over his last 19 games and is averaging a solid 15.9 points. On the other end are the Suns, Nuggets, and Wolves, who are currently the sixth, fourth, and second in the West. With several star players on each of their rosters, it's no wonder that each team relies less on their bench.

While having a deep roster is helpful during the regular season, it's not the end-all-be-all. Once the playoffs arrive, teams will play their best players' big minutes, minimizing the bench's impact. Still, second-unit scoring could have a big impact on the playoff race. Stay tuned.