NBA Rumors: Teams are lining up to land Houston's top trade asset

Jalen Green, Alperen Sengun
Jalen Green, Alperen Sengun / Carmen Mandato/GettyImages

After an encouraging end to their 2023–24 season, the Houston Rockets appear ready to build upon their success this summer. They will have the third overall pick in this year's draft, though according to some reports, they are open to moving their pick in the hopes of landing a star.

Normally, the third overall pick in the NBA draft would be a terrific asset for any team. However, this year's draft is widely seen as one of the worst ones in recent memory, which is likely why the Rockets may be willing to move it.

Can the Houston Rockets land a star with the third pick in this year's draft?

It only takes one team to see a prospect as a future star and Houston may be banking on that if they are shopping the pick to teams such as the Cleveland Cavaliers and Brooklyn Nets. The Nets, in particular, could be the perfect trade partner since the two teams have already made a big deal in the last few years.

Would the Nets be open to a deal involving star Mikal Bridges for the Rockets' third overall pick as well as two of their own picks back from the James Harden trade? That probably depends on a number of factors, including whether the Nets believe they can land a star this summer to pair with Bridges. If they do, then they may decline any trade involving him.

However, if they take a more realistic view, then they should be willing to hit the reset button in hopes of building a contender several years down the road. That is, once teams such as the Boston Celtics are no longer dominating the conference.

That is out of the Rockets hands, but if the Nets decline Houston's offer, then the Cavs might be willing to consider a deal centered around the third pick for Darius Garland. Especially if the Rockets are willing to move on from a couple of their recently drafted players.

All in all, the Rockets appear willing to part with the third pick in the draft. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen whether a team with a star will be swayed by having a high selection in a questionable draft.